Midwest Capital Advisors Guided Portfolio Series

Ascend to wealth.

MCA GPS is a digital investment platform created for individuals who are interested in an efficient, streamlined portfolio management solution. MCA GPS was designed using technology developed and provided by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and provides the ability for clients to effectively and inexpensively create a personal investment strategy based on their particular risk tolerance and savings goals. While you have control, you can also be confident that Midwest Capital Advisors will give you access to the necessary tools and resources to help you navigate your way to investment success.

Midwest Capital Advisors, LLC is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based, SEC-registered investment adviser. We strive to offer a distinctively different, positive investment experience based on historically proven, statistically validated, common sense strategies that emphasize proper asset allocation and disciplined rebalancing of investment portfolios. For more information about Midwest Capital Advisors, visit us at www.midwestcap.com.